90s fashion is back!

90s fashion is back trendig and I’m loving it. Current fashion Icon/ Idol here is Fran Fine from The Nanny Tv show. Through that show she wears a lot of amazing colorful and fun designer items. I could give a lot to have access to that closet.

I didn’t really live to wear the true 90s fashion when it was popular the first time around in the 90s . (I’m raised in the Pentecostal church) but you bet I’ll be wearing it this time. According to the big fashion shows that’s also what’s going to trend for spring/summer 2021. Hello 60’s vibes, block colored items, matching 2 pieces, croptops and miniskirts. I adore you.

Unfortunately I’m neither rich or have acess to a personal stylist, and it’s still to cold her for anything Lilly Pulitzer colored, miniskirts and croptops. And I’m way beyond the age of ”I’m rather cold than not stylish) ,so the only thing I do wear from Fran Fines style at the moment is the hairband, while I’m waiting for my hair to grow out again. But hey, that’s always something.

Miniskirt I’ll be seeing you soon.

And for those of you who might wonder, yes I’m old enough to have been living that trend twice. And I’m definitely old enough to rock the now ”Out” side part and skinny jeans. And love it. But I’m still young enough to get away with both, and the prairie dress. Fashion is supposed to be fun, for everyone.

Have an amazing weekend y’all.

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Building a box garden

Have you ever wanted a real garden? I mean like one of those amazing gardens in the movies, where there’s no weeds growing only amazing flowers, tasty herbs and veggies?

Do you wish you had the time or the private gardener to fix it all for you?

I feel you Cherrypie, I feel you. We’ve got the space, and the dream but not the money to re-do the entire garden in one sweep, or to hire the wished for gardener to create the amazing things for us.

So I decided to work with what we have and start a mini amazing garden project. Current we’ve got two garden box plant beds. We tried to grow carrots in them last year but it didn’t work. I think the location was to bad, behind the tree house. That we’re also aiming on re-doing this season.

So for this weekend we’re preparing the empty land here, by the side of our house.

This is going to be the amazing mini garden of my dreams

We’ve got some gravel stones that we where supposed to get rid of before the building of our porch. Which is another season project over here. You’re starting to see where this is going, aren’t you?

So we’re digging out the gravel, by hand washing the stones so we don’t get anything unwanted like old roots from thistles with us to the new location. Preparing the ground with plastic or a special weed cloth, depending on what we can get.

Scooping the gravel on the mat, and place the boxes, or place the boxes and scoops the gravel around them i haven’t decided yet. Hopefully we can get some more boxes in different sizes before the planting season here really starts in the end of April, start of May depending on the weather.

I’ll come back with more pictures when it’s all done. Do you have any gardening projects for the weekend?

The boxes that are going to be moved to another location, and the tree house in desperate need of re-modelling.

Dairy and gluten free Indian takeout at home.

Indian Daal Curry with gluten and dairy free Naan bread

Don’t you just love Indian food? The spices, the amazing smell in the kitchen, the easy of making everything in one pot, and the satisfaction knowing you’ll get a lot if healthy veggies and lentils in one serving?

I do, Indian food has always been a love for me. Maybe it’s my Romani (Nope not Romanian, Romani like in gypsy/romano) roots. One of our myths says that my people escaped India once upon a time because we didn’t want to take the risk of being forced into a religion. Therefore God got upset with us, and sent us all over the world, with no place to call at home. And forced us to take on the culture on whatever country we would end up in. It’s just a myth, but it’s a part of my history and somewhat relevant to the recipe.

Anyway, more about that another time. Trust me there’s a lot more where that comes from. Now back to the recipe, as I previously said I love Indian food.

Here out in the sticks, there’s no Indian restaurants, no home delivery. No pre-made frozen dishes to buy. So we’re gonna have to make our own.

The good thing with that is, the fact that we can make it allergy friendly with a few simple steps.

Daal Curry stew

You’ll need:

Red Lentils

Garam masala

Cumin, the kind you use for Tacos

Yellow onion, I use pre-chopped frozen bulk buy from our local supermarket.

Veggies, I used frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower, green beans, carrots, peas, corn and paprika.

Diary free natural yoghurt, or diary free cream.

I use oat based cream from a Swedish brand called Oatly. Mainly because that is easily accessible here. Cocoutmilk works just fine too, but my husband doesn’t like coconut so I’m not using it.

Curry, or turmeric, tomato paste or ketchup.

Salt, pepper, smoked paprika spice, cinnamon, cloves.

Rice, I used Basmati rice. The cheapest kind we can get here.

Cook the rice according to the instructions of the package.

Fry the onions in some oil or butter add the spices, and a little tomato paste or ketchup and fry together for about one minute on medium heat. Add the lentils according to the package portion instructions, and add the recommended amount of liquid. Swipe the recommended amount of water in the instructions for coconut milk, yogurt, cream or whatever you choosed to use above

The lentils are supposed to cook in the liquid. If it’s very thick you can use a splash of water too, but don’t use both. That’ll give you soup instead of stew.

Cook for about 10 minutes with lid on low heat, when the lentils starts to get soft add the veggies, and more cream/coconut milk/ yoghurt or a splash of water if needed. It’s supposed to be creamy.

Put the lid on and cook until the veggies are soft, about another 10-15 minutes. Serve with Naan bread and rice.

Naan bread

1 cup (140 grams) gluten-free flour mix

I needed about 1/2 cup extra to rub my hands in while shaping the bread to avoid them sticking to me.

1/3 cup,Dairy free yoghurt or cream

1/4 cup water

1 tsp Baking powder

1 tbs oil

Salt and cumin seeds ( the seeds are optional)

Pour all the dry ingredients for the bread in a bowl, mix them. Add the liquid, make a dough, cut the dough in small pieces and make flat bread from them. I use my hands to make them. Fry them in a little oil or butter in a frying pan about 2 mins on each side. Lay the breads on a towel when they are done, stack them on each other and wrap a towel around so they stay warm until it’s time to eat. Don’t use to much oil or butter for the frying because that’ll make the breads greasy.

When in doubt, or when broke. Make risotto, vegan alcohol free risotto!

The ”modern” version with Parmesan cheese.
The 70’s version Uncle Ben’s risotto

Who doesn’t want a dinner that’s perfect for a minor crowd, makes minimum dishes to clean, is cheap tasty and healthy?

This week I’m sharing two recipes of risotto with y’all. Mind you before I made the first ”modern classic” kind with Parmesan cheese, I had never done it before. For two reasons:

  1. It seemed very complicated
  2. Most recipes calls for white wine, and I don’t drink or makes food with alcohol.

But eventually I realized there must be a way to make it alcohol free, and it is. So for the first recipe I’m showing you how to make a non alcoholic parmesan risotto, with no wine at all.

Avorio/risotto rice, bullion and parmesan cheese. I’m allergic to milk protein so I’m using the vegan parmesan.

You’ll need risotto/Avorio rice.

Bullion, water and a bullion dice in your preferred flavor and brand will do just fine. I keep repeating this, but I’ve got Milkprotein, soy, nut, peanut allergy and Celiac disease so I’m making sure the kind I use is free from all that, aka Vegan and gluten-free.

Prefered veggies, mushrooms, fish or anything else like that you wish to add. I used frozen broccoli, it goes well with Parmesan.

Start with frying the rice in some oil, I used rapeseed oil. Medium heat, stir all the time and stop when the rice is shiny.

When the rice is shiny like this, add the water and bullion dices.

When the rice is shiny, add a little of the water needed and all the bullion dices. Keep stirring, and when the rice have soak in all water add a little more, keep stirring and repeat that procedure until the rice is cooked. It’s okey if it’s a little chewy in the middle. But it’s not supposed to be really hard.

When the rice is almost soft and there’s just a little water left, add the broccoli. I used frozen one, straight from the freezer. Keep stirring until most of the water is gone. Add Parmesan cheese, stir it down let it sit for 2-3 mins and serve it immediately.

Add the cheese, stir it down. You can add some at the top on your plate too.
Serve immediately

As usual I don’t have any specific measurements, and that’s because sometimes we’re like 10 ppl here and sometimes only three. But the measurements for the rice is usually on the packaging.

Risotto nr 2, a pure 70’s classic
My Ma used to make this when I was a kid

Recipe nr 2 is a pure 70’s classic, and is what my Ma used to cook when I was a kid. She called it Uncle Ben’s risotto. And I guess she probably got it from the backside of an Uncle Ben’s rice package.

You’ll need:

Rice, preferably Uncle Ben’s, personally I use the cheapest basmati rice I can get at the moment.

Original recipe calls for Tomato Juice, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, ground beef, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

We had neither if those at home today, so I made my own version.

In my version I had basmati rice, vegan veggie bullion, stir fry veggies, ground chicken, the most common stir fry here is peas, corn and bellpepper. So I used those. And added a little broccoli too.

Cook the rice in the bullion, or tomato juice and vinegar if you’re using the original recipes.

For the original recipes, use a frying pan to cook the ground beef, season with salt and pepper. I did the same to my chicken.

If you’re using the original recipe prepare the veggies by chopping them in taco pieces. I took mine out if the freezer. When the rice is almost done, add the meat and veggies, mix it together and put the lid on until the veggies are warm. Serve with a little Tabasco if you like that.

Happy dining!

The magic suspension bridge

This is my favorite place in Earth.

Welcome to my favorite place on Earth. An old suspension bridge, or at least it used to be. It’s still a suspension bridge with a stunning view and a tree that looks like it’s straight from Beauty and the Beast. Y’all know the tree Belle sits under and reads,don’t you? But last year the renovated the bridge to keep it as a safe passage.

Perfect for jumping around on, if you want a little thrill.

It’s in the end off the Ronia woods, if you come from our side of the village. And it’s a lot more breathtaking during early spring with all the white anemones I’ve been talking about. And in summer with our little steamboat going under the bridge with tourists, or during fall with all the amazing colors. Don’t worry, I’ll take you there,and show you everything I’m talking about.

The tree, from Beauty and the Beast. If you’re brave enough you can do like Sebastian and try climbing in it.

There’s also a huge hill here, actually the only hill in the village. Therefore we’re calling it ”Höga Berget” that translates to ”High Mountain”, very logical.

View below the hill

With enough energy you could ride the bike uphill, but watch out. You might be ending up in the river on your way down.

There’s also our Beach walk, along the river. On the other side of the magical suspension bridge. That’ll take you into the village.

The first time we was at the suspension bridge, it was during spring. Everything looked like a fairytale and the kids had never seen anything like that before. So they instantly named it the Magic Suspension bridge. And that’s what we still call it.

If you go to the other side, you’ll end up on our beach walk along the river m. Our river is named Nossan. And it’s the only river where the water floats upwards.

Even the teen likes it here
If the temperature is about +10 C outside, it’s Ice cream weather. That’s an old Countryside rule.

The walk ended in the village where we got a well deserved Ice cream. I actually managed to find one that’s free from dairy, gluten and soy. So for once I could join the eating.

Love this spot where the field meets the river.

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Indoor Picnic

Sausage sandwich is the best. On this one it’s Swedish smoked, ”Prickig korv”

A few days ago we decided to sell our kitchen island. We’ve been thinking about it ever since we re-did our kitchen after a water leak back in December.

A kitchen Island is definitely practical, and has doubled as a kitchen table for two here for years. But if you live in a house build in 1948 with a tiny cooking kitchen. Aka not planned for having other people than the ones who prepared the food in. A big Ikea kitchen Island won’t fit no matter how practical it is.

Said and done, we sold it. And my plan was to buy an old fashioned round kitchen table. With four chairs, preferably in white, or blue with padded chairs. In a classic farmhouse design. Unfortunately those seemed more rare to find than I ever realized. So currently we don’t have a place to sit at all in the kitchen.

Well that’s if you count furniture as the only option. We have no problem counting the floor as a good option. I mean who doesn’t love an indoor Picnic?

Indoor picnics is always a good idea in our house. This is a breakfast picnic.

It’s the perfect place to have a Picnic, if you think about it. No insects (if you don’t have the windows open) the weather doesn’t matter, rain, snow, heatwave. Doesn’t matter it’s always perfect weather for a Picnic on the kitchen floor.

Before we’ve done indoor picnics occasionally in the boys room, or in the living room. Last summer we made an indoor Beach upstairs, with a picnic, because it rained for four weeks straight.

So grab your favorite blanket, make some sandwiches, get some Kool-Aid or a cup off coffee and start your own indoor picnic.

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Sunday country walk

Couldn’t resist this perfectly framed yellow anemones

On Sundays we’re talking a Sunday walk. It’s mandatory and has been done for generations in my family. Probably because in the good old days everything beside church services was closed on Sundays.

I’m born and raised into the Pentecostal church, but it’s been years since I attended a Church Sunday service.

However I live in a good old fashioned country village, where every besides church and the modern day grocery store still is closed on Sundays.

With all right, in my opinion. People working in retail, and people managing their their own business should at least have the chance to take one day a week off without worrying about their business.

So the Sunday walk tradition is strong here. The weather has been wonderful, the sun has been showing. And I can’t describe the happiness in my soul when I spotted this perfectly framed yellow anemones. Real spring flowers in a horseshoe must be a good omen off an amazing spring season.

I’m not sure about the thick stems, it could be more crocuses or perhaps the start of Dafodils.

How was your Sunday?

A weekend by the Countryside

Nice sunny weather automatically translates to a bonfire bbq here. Unfortunately we’ve got cranky neighbors. Believe it or not, we do have neighbors out here too,and our house got the most cranky one in the village.

So we try not to disturb or annoy them more than necessary, so therefore we haven’t build a firepit, or having huge bonfires. A small one like this, in daylights is what we’re getting. Luckily that’s more than enough to toast marshmallows. So that’s exactly what we did.

Don’t hide-Follow me to the Countryside, today we’re toasting marshmallows.

The oldest one, our 18 y/o was happy being home.
Even the smallest family member enjoyed the weekend bbq.

It was nice and warm by the fire, the moon even showed before darkness with the promise of a clear fairytale like full moon later on.

Look at the moon in the background, it keeps a promise it’ll turn absolutely amazing when the darkness comes.

Eventually it turned really cold and dark here, because it’s still very early in the year. So we had to finnish this year’s first bbq indoors. Luckily we had an electrical grill, some space left in the kitchen and enough Hot dogs for everyone.

Schh, don’t tell anyone it’s actually chicken hot dogs.
I’m not sure who loved the sweet treats the most, me or the kids.

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I hope y’all enjoy your weekend.

Spring is coming-Early garden flowers.

The start of Crocus and Dafodils

Today while walking the kids to school we spotted what’s hopefully will be Crocus and Dafodils in a few weeks.

Seeing the first flowers coming up always gives me ao much hope and excitement. I’m not sure if the kids or me is the one most excited about it getting warmer and more colorful outside.

This weekend we’re planning to do some garden work and start a small bonfire for BBQ, Hot dogs and S’mores. Everything tastes better on a stick out in the garden or in the woods, doesn’t it?

You just can’t avoid being happy seeing this Crocus that tries to come up.

The snowdrops are up in full bloom already. And it’s the same with them, when I see them it filles me with hope and joy. It’s a promise about brighter days, bright mornings, evenings and warmer weather. And I can even hear the spring birds sing again.

Snowdrops in full bloom

How is it where you live, have the spring arrived yet? Does it fills you with hope?

This fall we’re planning to plant a lot of Tulips so we’ll have an amazing spring garden for next spring. Bigger than the few spontaneous snowdrops we’ve got know. And in a few weeks I’m going to show you guys around in the Ronia woods we’ve got here.

Springtime in the Ronia Woods here looks exactly like in the movie, filled with white (and blue) anemones. I can’t wait to show you.

Countryside Essentials

Horse shoe for good luck

Things that’s essential for a life out in the sticks.

  • A drivers license and a car
  • Huge garden that can provide you with food
  • Maybe a few chickens, a horse or other farm animals
  • Enough savings to manage everything that’ll break sooner or later, most often sooner if you live in an old farmhouse.
  • A huge pile of cozy and practical knitted sweaters, because shit gets cold when you live in one of the coldest and darkest countries of the world. And a closet made for hard outdoor work, without unnecessary accessories that’s unpractical and you’ll probably never use.

  • Gigantic toolbox and garden tools so you’re able to fix almost everything by our own.
  • Staples like canned food, rice, pasta, bottled water, and things that’s easy to make when the power or water dissappears. Because trust me it will from time to time.
  • Flashlights, candle lights, tea lights, matches together with everything else you might need to make a bonfire, or fire up the gril.

Things I don’t have:

Almost everything stated above. I do have a golden horseshoe, for good luck. No horse because I’m allergic.

Things I do have, a ridiculous amount of unpractical vintage designer items. We’re talking Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Dior and just about everything else that I’m not using because it’s unpractical and I’m afraid to break it while fixing things inside and outside the house.

Therefore my dear friends I’m presenting my etsy shop for you. I’ve just started but I’m adding new Vintage items every week. So check it out at https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/CountrysideFluent

Hopefully you’ll find just the item you’re looking for to continue living your dream. And you’ll find it way more practical than I do.

At least I’m comfortable between my Ralp Lauren pillows. Knitted Sweater from H&M Holly and white brand.

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